Saturday, March 20, 2010

Echo Results

I got a call from my doc with the results of my echo that was done the end of February. I was sitting in the docs office with my mom. She was getting the results from her biopsy on her thyroid. The doc just told us that they were not sure if it was cancer or not and they would have to do surgery. He was walking out the door to get the paperwork on the surgery.

My cell rang and it was my docs office. They told me that my echo was worse from last year. Last year my pressure was at 56. This year it is at 87. I was surprised it was up that much. I wasnt surprised that it was up some as I have not been feeling well the past six months. I have sleep apena and need another sleep study done. So we are going to be doing that. My nurse said that it could be part of the problem. We have got to work on getting my pressure back down.

I was trying to process the news my mom got and the news I got. We are just going to have to make any changes that are necessary to get my pressures back down. Some days I really hate having PH and this was one of those days.

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