Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Been A While Since I Have Posted

It has been a while since I have even thought about blogging. It just has been so very busy around here. I know that is not an excuse but that is my excuse. lol.

My daughter had her baby about two and a half weeks ago. He was early and was in Childrens Hospital for five days. He is doing great now!! He is adorable!! My family is what keeps me going.

I have been feeling pretty good lately. I am having trouble with swelling. Trying to get all this fluid off of me. It is hard for me to take extra water pills if I am not going to be at home. It would help if I would not fall asleep in the recliner with my legs hanging down. I know that is part of the problem.

I know that God is watching over me and my family. Usually summers are very bad for me. So far this summer has been pretty good for me. One reason could be that it hasnt gotten real hot and humid here this year. I am just glad that I have not had a bad summer.

There seems to be so much saddness around lately. So many people have lost their jobs in this area. DHL was here and about 10,000 people are without jobs. Everyone seems so sad so that makes me sad. I dont know if it is the economy or just me that is getting me down. We were worried for a while that my husband was going to lose his job. Thank God he didnt. I dont know what these families are doing that are losing their jobs. Its depressing everywhere not just here.

I found a knot on the front of my neck a few weeks ago. Went to the doctor and she said its a goiter. That I had to go on medicne for my thyroid. I was so worried it was cancer. She did an ultersound on it. One more thing that God has taken care of for me. So I am on another pill. As long as it is helping me I am not going to worry about it. I just have to trust God.

I know I am all over the place with this post. I just have so much running through my mind I am just typing as it comes to me. I guess that is enough for now. How is everyone else doing?


  1. I'm glad you are having a pretty good summer. Having a new grandchild sure is a wonderful thing!! He's a cutie, too! :)

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